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Industrial Equipment

Simplify operations to efficiently manufacture any product, anywhere


Expanding manufacturing companies need to synchronize their production sites on a global scale to be more efficient and to ensure consistent product quality across the board. The Fourth Industrial Revolution has ushered in a new era of smart manufacturing that changes the rules of the game forcing companies to seek global economies of scale to ensure the sustainability of their business.

Ready to Make is a Dassault Systèmes Industry Solution Experience that delivers comprehensive planning, Manufacturing Operations Management, and continuous improvement solutions to help Industrial Equipment companies meet their local and global manufacturing challenges. They have a unique collaborative business platform to efficiently plan and drive production across their entire ecosystem with full traceability and to share and reuse best practices across sites. With Ready to Make, they efficiently respond to fluctuating market demands with a large and diversified product offering.


Increase equipment effectiveness - Having many production sites around the world is a good thing but only if they are well-coordinated and synchronized. To make better use of their production units companies must distribute work in a way that makes the most effective use of each site. Ready to Make helps companies coordinate delivery and availability of materials across their global production sites. Operations are tracked throughout the production process leading to a more balanced workload between sites. Equipment effectiveness is increased as materials are made available when and where needed. This reduces machine idle time and inventory costs while increasing production throughput.

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Paperless manufacturing for a lower cost of quality - Providing manufacturing sites around the world with production instructions and drawings is essential for a smooth operation. Yet paper-based documents are often lost or outdated leading to errors, misunderstandings and costly recovery procedures. Ready to Make is based on a 100% digital approach to manufacturing. Electronic work instructions are delivered around the world in a synchronized manner, and they are updated because linked to the latest and most recent designs. Companies have better traceability, which helps during inspections or when information needs to be passed on to new arrivals or the personnel of a newly acquired plant. Digital documentation is also fast and easy to distribute, which ultimately helps improve product quality and reduce its cost.

Order of one efficiency - In an experience economy, customers demand unique and tailored products but producing a one of a kind machine is complex for a company also engaged in series production. They need order of one manufacturing capabilities on these same production lines without additional costs and delays. With Ready to Make, product manufacturers can precisely and consistently manage all operational elements within and across their plants to support customer-specific and series combinations. They have flexibility to go from one to the other and real-time visibility and control into plants and supplier operations enabling them to make better use of resources and to analyze and improve performance on a global as well as local scale.

Continuous improvement of global operations - For a business to be sustainable there must be renewal and improvement. As global entities, Industrial Equipment companies must make sure all their worldwide data is analyzed and improvements implemented at every site. Ready to Make helps reinforce corporate unity because all information related to global manufacturing operations is stored in the 3DEXPERIENCE© platform. They have a true and accurate view of how each site performs and can compare production practices to promote those that work best. Ready to Make’s built-in manufacturing analytics and reporting features deliver a clearer understanding of operational performance on a global scale. This industry solution experience also has knowledge ware and social networking features that enable stakeholders to engage in social production by exchanging best practices and methods through communities.



• Material synchronization that reduces inventory while increasing production throughput

• “Order of One” manufacturing execution precision across multiple manufacturing models

• Paperless manufacturing that drives accelerated New Product Introduction and lower cost of quality

•Increased visibility into global manufacturing operations

• Holistic traceability

• COE-driven deployment of continuous process improvements across manufacturing sites