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Security and acceleration of qualification loop



Design flaws can have devastating effects on a company’s finances and reputation: millions spent in product recalls, loss of customer confidence and esteem, brand devaluation and even injury or loss of life. When companies put priority on revenue growth over product quality, they place their business at risk. Seamless Qualification, is a Dassault Systèmes’ Industry Solution Experience that delivers solutions for fast, comprehensive and flexible product testing allowing Industrial Equipment companies to improve product performance, quality and reliability.


Boost product performance, quality and reliability Global industrial equipment manufacturers need a thorough and fast qualification process across their complex production network. They need to tailor their qualification processes to local conditions and raw materials if they are to deliver consistent quality products to market. Seamless Qualification, for Industrial Equipment companies delivers leading-edge analytics and business applications that best depict reality and most appropriately respond to quality and performance objectives. Different teams around the world can synchronize their actions and collaborate by working on a unique data source, enhancing efficiency and reaction time.

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Flexible testing process

Products are qualified differently depending on the stage of the development cycle they are in and the criteria to be tested. Seamless Qualification provides companies with the flexibility to design the qualification strategy best suited to their test objectives. It is the only solution on the market that proposes integrated physical testing and virtual simulation capabilities in a single environment allowing companies to accommodate for a variety of testing requirements and design specifications.


Reduce validation costs and warranty issues

Executing a comprehensive qualification strategy leads to better control of budgets and schedules. Companies need to define a study plan and allocate the right resources, define the number of required samples, proceed with quality control of these samples before testing and store them before and after qualification. With Seamless Qualification companies can create a Design, Verification, Plan and Report with an exact view of the test or simulation campaign, the products to be qualified and the people responsible for each qualification. This total visibility helps them better allocate their global resources and control costs. Users can correlate physical test results with virtual simulation data and eventually replace expensive physical prototypes with virtual models. Seamless Qualification can also connect with a company’s ERP system to streamline the procurement process.


Reduce data redundancy, loss of information

There is nothing worse than redoing work that has already been done simply because project stakeholders ignore the information exists or cannot find it. With Seamless Qualification project and product information is capitalized in the unique 3DEXPERIENCE® platform and can be accessed by anyone in the manufacturer’s ecosystem. With IP protection and sustainability there is knowledge continuity for future project actors.

Reduce non-added value tasks

Companies need a more efficient way to generate time-consuming qualification reports to provide evidence that products comply with quality and performance requirements and specifications. With Seamless Qualification users benefit from pre-defined reporting templates and past reports that render many of the non-value-added tasks involved with report generation a thing of the past. Test conclusions can be capitalized and embedded in knowledge rules for later reuse.

Comprehensive live tracking

Companies need real-time monitoring of testing activities to make the right decisions fast. Seamless Qualification provides dashboarding capabilities for live product qualification tracking. Stakeholders have an easily tailored all-in-one information source that gives them an overall view of testing progress and the ability to drill down into detail if needed.


Key benefits

• Increased virtual testing uncovers the unknown 
• Re-use know-how to elaborate and optimize qualification plans 
• Global design verification plans aligned with requirements 
• Reduce non-value added tasks during report generation 
• IP protection 
• Early risk assessment 
• Real-time monitoring of qualification status