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Project Management & Reporting

Smart Configure to Order (CTO) and Engineering to Order (ETO) manufacturers are turning to Lean Manufacturing techniques and Design Anywhere Manufacture Anywhere (DAMA) strategies for a competitive advantage. These strategic changes, while necessary, require complex supply chains that create sourcing, staffing, collaboration, and business process challenges. These far-flung supply chains potentially affect the consistency and quality of design and manufacturing processes.

A solution for Enterprise Project Management helps ETO and CTO program and project managers deliver products from concept to market faster. Management can make better decisions by accessing real-time information via dashboards on a project’s status (schedule, resources, costs, and benefits). Productivity among globally dispersed users increases through effective collaboration based on accurate information updated automatically through direct links to a host of data sources. Pre-defined project templates improve predictability.

Overall, the solution for Enterprise Project Management puts control back in the hands of program/project managers. The software enables manufacturers to manage new product development initiatives concurrently through the product lifecycle. Design changes are implemented before the production process, saving time, money, and ensuring compliance.  Implementing DAMA coupled with lean practices saves companies time and money. 

Effective information sharing starts with a single version of the truth leveraging a single interface to access data from multiple enterprise systems. Having access to current information leads to lower costs in areas ranging from procurement through bidding and quoting. Accurate information helps lower costs by enabling best in class bidding and pricing strategies. Optimizing skilled resources is a challenge at the global level. This solution identifies skill hierarchies for more effective resource management and project planning.

Enterprise Project Management Solution includes:
  • Project planning and scheduling
  • Project issues/risk management
  • Project work breakdown structure
  • Project resource management
  • Project dashboard
  • Contract deliverables management
  • Suppliers/partners management