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Expanding wind farms with 3DEXPERIENCE on the cloud

The need for alternative energy sources is driving up the numbers of offshore wind farms. These require robust wind turbine support structures that must withstand rough and often

Germany-headquartered Maritime Offshore Group (MOG), a specialist in designing and developing innovative solutions for the offshore wind industry, needed to accelerate the delivery of wind turbine support structures for manufacturing.  At the same time they needed to follow a competitive “Design to Cost” principle to result in an offshore foundation that is fully standardized using a few interchangeable components and standard raw materials, allowing MOG to rapidly customize a structure depending on water depth and wind turbine size and weight.

One of MOG’s inventions is HEXABASE, which they designed to be as simple as possible while still satisfying a diverse range of technical, financial and regulatory requirements –while still ensuring that it would  be easy to manufacture. In order to manage HEXABASE’s many parts and retain a superior performance, MOG decided to transition to the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform on the cloud.

Working on the cloud increases the efficiency of MOG’s engineers since they can access the platform at any time and from any place, with the certainty they are working with the latest versions. With the platform’s powerful search capabilities, information created in any given month or week can be found easily. And the chat function allows real-time interaction between team members, which saves a lot of time.

Testing new ideas has gotten easier as well. CATIA provides high quality rendering features with built-in lighting and shading effects that more clearly and realistically display the way the final product will look like. Ultimately, being able to test new ideas fosters innovation.

Using a cloud-based solution eliminated the need for MOG to invest in additional hardware or software. Its IT department was not burdened with superfluous tasks. Of course, data security is a concern when working on the cloud. MOG did not need to worry about this because Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE platform provides a high level of data security with the ENOVIA application. And the ramp up time was fast: MOG was up and running on the solultion in more or less one day. Updates are managed with a simple click.

Read the complete case study and watch the video to discover more about MOG’s 3DEXPERIENCE and its plans to expand its use of the Dassault Systèmes applications, including finite element modeling and virtual simulation capabilities to further develop HEXABASE and its related inventions.



By , original article from 3D Experience (https://blogs.3ds.com/perspectives/expanding-wind-farms-3dexperience-cloud)