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Unleash your SOLIDWORKS Data


Sharing your SOLIDWORKS design data with other designers, and anyone else in the organization with a need to know, is not easy. You’ve got to stop your design work, put the CAD file on a file share site, memory stick or shared drive. The other designer needs to then copy the file to their own desktop and open it in SOLIDWORKS. However, since you continue to work on the model the other designer is now working with an out-of-date design.

If you have a PDM system, anyone connected to the PDM system can access your designs without the need for manual file transfers. From the inside the familiar and convenient SOLIDWORKS environment, you can check-out/check-in CAD models and drawings, manage design iterations and provide access rights. Unfortunately, most people outside the design department are not SOLIDWORKS users nor connected to the PDM system. They need your design information to plan for manufacturing, sourcing, servicing, training, marketing and a whole host of other needs that support the product launch. To share your work you’ve got to stop designing and manually provide them copies that, again, are soon out of date.

With the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform and SOLIDWORKS connector, gain the benefits of a centralized data repository so that every stakeholder can access the latest product information from any location. You no longer spend wasted time manually sharing CAD data. As a SOLIDWORKS’ user, you can access data management functions without leaving your familiar SOLIDWORKS environment. And participate in enterprise-wide business processes that unleash your SolidWorks data and creative designs to the entire enterprise.