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Document Control & Management

Take control of your data

Our aim is to provide the ability to store documents under a single repository for easy access, management, and reuse throughout the enterprise.

Hedra's answer to Document Management is a solution that enables documents to be managed under a single repository regardless of the vaults' (electronic storage systems) location, which can be anywhere in the network.

  • Enhanced data integrity and intellectual property reuse

All enterprise documents are captured, stored, and controlled under one enterprise repository regardless of the vaults' (electronic storage systems) location, which can be anywhere in the network (multiple vaults are supported). Documents stored & viewed by any user in the enterprise using the original editors or using the embedded browser and 2D/3D viewers. 

  • Direct check-in and check-out from popular applications

The integrated ODMA (Open Document Management API) feature allows users to perform document management functions such as check-in, check-out, search, view properties, create, modify, etc., directly from any ODMA-compliant applications. Examples of ODMA-compliant applications include but are not limited to Microsoft Office applications, Lotus WordPro, Lotus Freelance, Adobe FrameMaker, Visio, etc. Refer to http://www.infonuovo.com/odma/ for complete ODMA compliant product list and status. 

  • Business process support

More than traditional document management capabilities, ENOVIA documents are managed in context of a PDM (Product Data Management) system, in which documents are matured in relation with the part or product that they represent. Additionally, file introspection function is available to allow easy integration of asynchronous document post processing for customers. An example of file introspection is to extract bounding-boxes/spacemaps information from CATIA files to store it in ENOVIA as a separate format attached to the same document.

  • DMU design and review process support

CAD documents attached to a product structure can be launched simultaneously to a single DMU (digital mock-up) session. Engineers can send the product structure to a CATIA V5 session for part detailing. Non-engineers can take advantage of our embedded 2D/3D viewers for light DMU viewing without the need of costly CAD licenses. Lacking from many of our competitors is the integration between document and the EBOM (Engineering Bill of Materials) management. 

  • Advanced document functions for the engineers and supervisors

Document linking, document classification, and document template management are some of many engineering focused document functions provided by Hedra Document Management solutions.