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Quality Control

Manage all quality issues through a single, global, on-line system.

We excel at finding a comprehensive quality management solution that directly embeds quality and compliance directly into the product development process. It enables organisations to take control of their global operations, while continuously improving operational performance. Our solution for Quality Management enables Industrial Equipment manufacturers to implement “Design for Compliance” functions as an integral part of their product development process.  With our solution, your product development team can check material content information from any design view from the early stages of the product development life-cycle.  Reports can be generated to compare the compliance of manufacturing equivalents, list recyclable content or evaluate best and worst manufacturing locations.  This information can be cross-referenced against multiple regulations in all geographies, allowing designers to make changes as early as possible at the lowest possible cost. 

Your component suppliers can be incorporated into the material compliance evaluation process to ensure that the component library contains the most current material compositions and REACH certifications.  This provides critical information to designers when making choices based on customer and market requirements.  This solution enables you to deliver innovative and environmentally compliant products that meet market demands.  It also helps you manage virtual as well as physical test results and track quality improvements of your products.

Quality Management Solution includes:

  • Regulatory compliance management

  • Safety compliance management

  • Material compliance management

  • Non-conformance management

  • Physical test management