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Quote to Order Management

Bid faster with more accuracy.

We can provide a total integrated solution to manage every aspect of the product lifecycle.

With the majority of product costing committed during the concept development of a new product, the conceptual/bidding phase has the most significant impact on overall product profitability. Product managers must have the ability to quickly capture requirements and determine the best strategy to build the product so that they can bid faster with more accuracy. 

A Quote to Order Management solution provides various applications and toolsets for the conceptual/bidding phase that enable stakeholders from various departments - including market intelligence, design, manufacturing, and critical suppliers - to work collaboratively in defining the new product.  This multi-discipline environment provides a front end visibility early in the development cycle, allowing product design to be linked with market forecasts, technology roadmaps, and customer requirements.  This approach also allows the product development team to manage concept projects using templates with specific deliverables.  The project can then be converted into detailed engineering execution in a full fledged development program that includes program resource, cost estimation, and margin analysis once the customers select their desired product features from the product catalog. The sales configurator makes it easier for the sales representatives to define the product content together with the customers. 

A robust requirements management capabilities promotes collaboration among product managers and technical teams while capturing and processing the voice of customer, as well as internal and external compliance requirements.  Based on the list of candidate requirements, engineering can establish a proposed list of features that represents the customer’s view of the product capabilities prior to the availability of the actual technical solution.  For each proposed feature, candidate requirements are allocated and then committed to specific product revisions.  This gives systems engineers and R&D the ability to define product architectures in the absence of the physical parts by producing a generic bill of materials. 

In this critical phase, our solution helps designers create and manage more concept variants by capitalizing and re-using designs from previous projects and competitive studies.  With faster modeling of initial concepts, this solution enables managers to accurately assess project requirements and costs before bidding on a project.  Custom proposals, complete with pricing and estimated delivery scheduling, can be generated faster, allowing all stakeholders to focus on ensuring customer satisfaction while controlling costs, quality and lead time. This solution closes the gap between what is produced and what the customer wants by maintaining traceability from requirements to the development process and final delivery. 

Quote to Order Management Solution includes:

  • Requirements management
  • Sales configuration
  • Opportunity management
  • Pricing and estimating
  • Delivery and commissioning planning
  • Product architecture
  • As Ordered (Preliminary) BOM management