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DELMIA's portfolio enables you to transform operations.

DELMIA helps global businesses re-imagine their planning, management and optimization of industrial operations

DELMIA_Logo_Yellow.pngAn integral part of the Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE platform is the connection between the virtual and real worlds.

Operational excellence requires harmony  across design, production, distribution, people and processes. DELMIA's portfolio enables you to transform operations. With DELMIA you can design and test in a simulated production environment. Once complete, you can efficiently plan, produce, and manage all resources from staff, to production, to customer delivery.

DELMIA, powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, allows all stakeholders in operations, no matter their level of expertise, to be part of a single community that has all of its members, and all of its assets, working toward the same shared objectives of operational excellence.

Digital Manufacturing

DELMIA® Digital Manufacturing solutions drive manufacturing innovation and efficiency by digitally planning, simulating, and modeling global production processes. DELMIA allows manufacturers to virtually experience their entire factory production from the impact of design to determining how to meet global demand. These simulation activities allow manufacturers to better address and shift processes so as to quickly respond to the competition, or to take advantage of new market opportunities.

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DELMIA® Manufacturing Operations Management solutions help manufacturers transform global production operations to achieve and sustain operational excellence. This is achieved 

Manufacturing Operations Management

by improving visibility into, control over and synchronization across manufacturing operations and supply chain processes on a global scale. The result is improved agility and expanded continuous improvement across the enterprise and extended global supply chain. Manufacturers 

can establish a common set of operational processes that can be created, managed and governed holistically on a global scale.


DELMIA Operation Planning and Optimization solutions powers reality-based planning, scheduling and optimization for complex business processes across all planning horizons. It enables customers to build on their competitive differentiators and plan for profit by capturing their operational reality – down to the last significant detail. DELMIA customers rely on the same integrated supply chain planning and optimization platform to plan their workforce, manufacturing environment, and logistics operations.