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The 4th Industrial Revolution

A new way of working requires new methods and business processes.

A fourth industrial revolution is happening and it’s all about mechanical design and manufacturing connectivity and their digital ecosystems.

Business leaders today face the challenge of moving their enterprises to the next level, that of digital business transformation and revolution — coupling digital technologies with organizational, operational, and business model innovation to create new ways of operating and growing the business.

The "4th Industrial Revolution" enables mechanical designers & manufacturers to drive changes in their business models and ecosystems, leveraging digital competences athroughout the product lifecycle and facilitating accelerated revenue and profit growth going forward.

Manufacturers of industrial equipment face multiple challenges that are changing the way they design, develop, produce, and service their products. 

A successful digital transformation allows Manufacturing Innovators to drive out well-established competitors faster than ever by improving design, quality, speed and price that facilitates accelerated revenue and profit margin.

To address these issues and concerns, industrial machinery manufacturers are looking to simultaneously model product and manufacturing processes to ensure proper manufacturing and more rapid commissioning:

  • Social production gathers all stakeholders to create goods in a sustainable way
  • Smart production connects products, machines, plants and people
  • Flexible production makes customization possible
  • Service production gives the best consumer experience

This leads to a new battlefield, requiring a different level of expertise, different processes and systems, and a new operating model, creating the need for outstanding front-end strategy supported by an outstanding back office. A successful digital transformation will lead to an end-to-end solution that facilitates accelerated revenue and profit growth going forward.

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We would like to keep you informed by email. Are you happy to receive information from us? *